“Successful selling is a combination of many things. In addition to doing all the big things right, the successful professional does the little things right too.
When it’s time to make a buying decision, those little things may actually be more important than the big things.”

- Carl ‘Posty’ Postlethwaite, Founder

Case Studies

Vera W. Braswell, Financial Professional

Vera Braswell has been a financial professional for a major insurance company since 1985. She has been a customer of Posty Cards for many years and loves to make her clients feel special by sending greeting cards to them frequently. From the beginning, she wanted her clients to know that she cared about them.

Theresa Scioli, VIP Insurance Agency

Theresa Scioli, in charge of the marketing department at VIP Insurance Agency in Edmond, Oklahoma, uses greeting cards as a tool to remind customers that VIP Insurance cares about them personally since they do not see them often. They are dedicated to treating each customer as a VIP and pride themselves on covering different insurance needs.

Linda Bristow, Independent Insurance Broker

Linda Bristow is currently an Independent Insurance Broker in North Carolina, specializing in the Medicare/Senior market. When she started in 1985, she needed a way to grow and maintain her book of business.

Kathy Liguzinski, The Medicare Plan Store

Kathy created her own business, The Medicare Plan Store, in 2011. They have a total of 3 employees and several independent insurance agents that report to them. They needed an affordable way to stay in touch with their clients and generate referrals.

Anthony Iannone, Investment Advisor

Shortly after Anthony Iannone started his investment advisory business, he was looking for a way to keep his name in front of his customers on a regular basis in a warm and friendly way. He wanted his customers - as well as their family and friends - to know about the services he could offer them, and he wanted a good way to remain connected to customers that he didn't see on a regular basis.

Kim McRee, Sales Assistant, Barnes Pettey Financial Advisors

Kim McRee is a Sales Assistant with Barnes Pettey Financial Advisors, LLC, an independent registered investment advisory firm located in Grenada, MS. For more than 35 years, Barnes Pettey has been providing comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to individuals, families, and small businesses. Through the company’s history, maintaining client loyalty and long-term relationships has been an important component in its ability to help its clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

Mary Llew Coulter, Coulter Financial

Coulter Financial Advisors in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, provides financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning and asset management services. In 1996 the company was looking for a way to stay in touch with customers and to stand out from the crowd.

Herb Taylor, Lease Manager, Olathe Ford/Lincoln

Herb Taylor is the Lease Manager at the Ford/Lincoln dealership in Olathe, Kansas. Earlier in his career he was interested in identifying a marketing strategy to help him retain existing clients and generate repeat business.