It all began when founder Carl “Posty” Postlethwaite, an artist and illustrator, was commissioned to design and print a card for a Kansas City insurance company to send to their policy holders. The card was a success and Posty realized, that with his talent and business skills, he had uncovered a business opportunity. In 1948, the business was incorporated as the Postlethwaite Company.


A strong believer in the power of loyal, mutually beneficial business relationships, Posty knew that if a salesperson really cared about their clients, the impact of a personal mailing would lead to future successes. It was then that he published the first edition of “The big little things” booklet of relationship building tips communicated through customer testimonials.

For our 75th anniversary in 2023, we published a new edition based on comments from our current customers. Flip through both versions to see how little things make a big difference in business relationships.

Original 1950 Big Little Things

75 Anniversary edition Big Little Things


Posty would spend many hours conceptualizing and creating greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, and more. See below for two of his early designs that have been reissued for 2023, our 75th anniversary.


The name Postlethwaite proved to be difficult for clients to spell and pronounce. The company name was changed to reflect the founder’s nickname, and Posty Cards was born.


With the future of his growing company in mind, Posty appoints his son-in-law, Lance Jessee, company president.


Now serving over 70 of the top 100 life insurance companies in the United States, Posty Cards needs more space. Rather than lease additional square footage, Posty buys property and builds in Kansas City. An addition was added in 1989.


The age of the internet played a large role in expanding the customer base for Posty Cards. And today, we supply hundreds of industries with greeting cards designed to enhance client and employee relationships.


Carl “Posty” Postlethwaite passes away at the age of 89.


A new family member takes the helm as Erick Jessee, Lance’s son, is named company president.


An expansion and complete remodel of the building doubles the space of the Posty Cards’ facility. The building earned LEED Platinum certification in 2012, which is the highest level of environmental sustainability. Click here for more on our award winning sustainability initiatives.


As we celebrate our 75th year, our business looks different than it did in 1948. From our diverse customer base, and expanded product and service offerings, to a new facility, and new leadership, many things have changed. But our passion for helping support business relationships remains strong. And the words of our founder still ring true today…