Mary Llew Coulter, Coulter Financial

The Challenge

Coulter Financial Advisors in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, provides financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning and asset management services. In 1996 the company was looking for a way to stay in touch with customers and to stand out from the crowd.


Mary Llew Coulter placed her company’s first order with Posty Cards in November of 1996. The firm regularly sends Thanksgiving cards every year along with birthday cards and anniversary cards to nearly 400 clients and friends. The Coulters heard about Posty Cards from dear friends who had a financial planning firm in Kansas. They highly recommended the cards - saying the cards were high quality at reasonable prices and the service provided was excellent. After the Coulters placed their first order, they knew this was what they were looking for and never looked back to the variety of companies they had tried since Ben Coulter started practicing financial planning in 1980.

The Results

Mary Llew says the cards are a wonderful tool, especially at Thanksgiving since so few people send Thanksgiving cards. Their cards always stand out. She added that she thinks anniversary cards may make an even bigger impression than birthday cards because fewer people send anniversary cards. She said many clients and friends call when they receive a card. One client said, in this internet world, it is refreshing to get something besides a bill or an ad in his mailbox. Another friend said she displays cards when she receives them so she can enjoy them for a longer time.

“We know that sending the cards makes a difference,” said Mary Llew. “This year I didn’t get all of our birthday and anniversary cards mailed and we’ve had clients wonder why they didn’t receive one…in fact, we’ve had people call to check on us too because they were concerned since they didn’t receive a card. We feel like it’s been a mistake to not have mailed birthday and anniversary cards this year.”

Mary Llew recommends sending cards to clients’ young children. “I highly recommend that…the parents really appreciate it,” she said. She confirmed that it definitely brought them additional business in the early years. “Those children now have children and we are not sure why we stopped.”

Mary Llew concluded by saying “Posty Cards has provided the TLC we wanted for our clients, and we are grateful!”