Using My Account

Account Information

You are able to manage all of your account information directly on the web site through the My Account option in the top menu bar. This includes contact information, email address, logos/signatures, billing & shipping information, interior personalization information and return address details (to be printed on envelopes.)

We are completely committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers. We do not sell or rent your personal information to marketers. Please see our Privacy Policy for greater detail.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password you can click on the "Forgot Password"? link and enter your email address. Instructions on retrieving your password will be emailed to you. If you are still unable to retain your password, contact Customer Service at

Return Address

You have the option to manage multiple return addresses (for printing on envelopes) in your account. This information is separate from your shipping and billing information as well as your contact information. To access this option, select the My Account option in the top menu bar, click on the Manage Saved Info tab and then the Return Address link.

My Signatures/My Logos

Posty Cards provides you with many features to personalize your greeting cards and mailings. One of those features is the ability to keep signatures and logos on hand for future use inside cards. There is no limit to the number of signatures and logos that you can have on file with Posty Cards. However, we ask that if you know a signature or logo is outdated, you delete it from your list of options. You can submit signatures and submit logos to be added to your account online at anytime. With your signature, it is often difficult to determine if it was printed on the card or if it was hand signed. This feature saves time by keeping you signing hundreds of cards for special occasions. To manage your signatures and logos on file, go to the My Account option at the top of the website. From there, the Manage Saved Info tab and then the appropriate signature or logo link.