5 Tips on How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

Did you ever hear the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work?” We are constantly in situations in which we need to work with others - relationships, sports teams, and most importantly work. In the workplace, we are surrounded by individuals who have a common goal to make the company better. To accomplish a goal as a group requires working as a TEAM. Here are a few proven strategies for improving team chemistry at work.

1. Incorporate team activities

Get all of your employees together and spend a day each month working on team-bonding. There is no better way to get to know and appreciate your colleague than to be around them and interact outside of the workplace setting. You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m around my colleagues 24/7 so why do I need to spend even more time with them?” Well, having a stronger connection with your fellow employees will make work more enjoyable and promotes a team mentality. Some examples of team activities include: volunteering, ‘team dinners’, or participating in sports or other physical activities.

2. Facilitate group discussions

Communication is key in every aspect of life. It is especially important in working as a team. Split your employees up in different groups and talk about things you think you do well as a team and things you need to improve on. In doing this, you can get everyone’s input and collaborate as a group to come up with different solutions. In addition, you’re combatting the negative against the positive. Being able to communicate in a positive way with your colleagues is an important aspect of teamwork.

3. Create team goals and a mission statement

It is important to establish common goals for your team. Create a day at the beginning of the year to sit down with your employees and establish these goals. When you do, split them up into teams of 4-5. First, set some “wish goals.” These goals will be ones that are not likely but you wish that you could accomplish them. Secondly, set goals that are reachable and realistic, but will be difficult to grasp. Lastly, set goals that you know for sure that you will accomplish as a team, ones that are fairly easy. Now, keep all of these goals somewhere safe or post them up to remind everyone of what they’re working for. At the end of the year, you can evaluate how well your team has done. The next step is writing a mission statement. Like the first task, each group will come up with their own mission statement and then read them aloud. Then, combine each mission statement to create one that everyone agrees on. Remember to keep it short and concise.

4. Distribute tasks and responsibility evenly

Everyone must work together and contribute in order to be successful as a company. Therefore, managers must distribute certain tasks and divide responsibility among employees. It is important to allow employees, no matter their job ranking, to be able to voice their opinions. Allowing each member to feel vital to the team is essential in improving the workplace. Distributing the work load will make it easier for each team member. Therefore, the work will be done more quickly and efficiently.

5. Build trust

Trust is the most important variable of teamwork. If you do not trust who you are working for, you will not be successful. In order to build trust, communicate with your fellow colleagues and be open to their opinions. If a conflict arises, make sure you help to create a solution. Also, be a reliable employee and pitch in whenever help is needed. If you are there to help your colleague, they will most likely be there to do the same for you. Lastly, don’t forget the golden rule. If you treat others the way you want to be treated, you will get the same in return. Building trust is the foundation of teamwork and is crucial to the success of the company.

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