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May 27, 2016


Increase Retention Rates with a Greeting Card Program

Sending greeting cards is a proven way to build business relationships. A recent study at a large company compared sales representatives who participated in a program of regular greeting card mailings to their clients (at least 4 per year) with those who did not. The sales representatives who participated had a 5% better customer retention rate than those who did not. The relationships that are key to business success, like all relationships, require time and attention to remain strong. Since you often don't have time for personal visits and phone calls (and neither do your clients), greeting cards are a great personal way to maintain a bond with your customers. The personal nature of greeting cards, unlike brochures, makes them sure to be opened, read, and remembered. As loyalty builds in relationships, your clients will think of you first. Loyal customers tell their friends about you and are more likely to give you referrals.

Prospect for New Customers with a Greeting Card Program

Greeting cards are an effective tool for establishing new business relationships. Cards can pave the way for a smooth first meeting by making a favorable impression and relieving the awkwardness of initial contacts.

Introductory Cards

Introducing yourself with a note card can give your sales efforts a head start. Not only will prospects recognize your name in the future, they may even call you!

Pre Appointment Mailings

A meeting reminder is a great service to your busy customers plus you can greatly reduce "no shows."

Follow Up

Sending a thank you card after a sales call (which is often when prospects are in the decision process) shows your attention to detail, your sincere appreciation, and your sense of urgency at getting things done.

Referral Requests, Referral Thank You, and Referral Contacts

Satisfied customers are happy to send potential customers your way. Show your appreciation and keep the referrals coming. Introduce yourself to the new prospects with a card and you're on your way to another happy client.

Stay in Touch and Build Strong Business Relationships with Personal Mailings through out the Year.

For Meeting Reminders and Follow Ups

Always keep a supply of Note Cards, Appointment Reminders, and Thank You Cards on hand. As you set up appointments, fill out the appointment reminders and file them to be mailed so that they will arrive 2 or 3 days before the meeting. At the same time, pull and address a thank you card and place it in the file for the day after the meeting.

For Birthdays and Anniversaries

Client and employee birthdays are the perfect time to send personal birthday greeting cards. Everyone loves to be remembered on their special day—and they will remember you for the gesture.

TIP: Don't forget the children. Parents are always pleased when you remember their children's birthday. The children, your future clients, love it too.


Keep in touch as you recognize milestones like employment, wedding, contract and new home anniversaries. The personal touch of remembering important events with an anniversary greeting card helps create a lasting bond.

For Holidays

Holidays throughout the year such as Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. are a great time to keep in touch. It’s important to keep in touch during the seasonal holidays too, Thanksgiving is a great time to express appreciation with a greeting card. Christmas and season’s greeting cards offer the perfect opportunity to send a year end message. And, start the year off right with a New Year Card and Calendar mailing.

For Unexpected Events

Keep Congratulations, Get Well, Sympathy and Note Cards on hand to send as soon as you hear of promotions, illness, loss, new homes and any other event important to your client that would be appropriate to acknowledge.